Five years ago, I took one spin class at a local gym and I promised myself I would never go back. I was in so much pain throughout (and after) the class and was so incredibly bored in the duration of the class. If I could have figured out how to get out of my bike, I would have left 15 minutes into it.

Two years ago, I realized I needed more cardio in my workout and since I am chronically bored, running is tough to do for over 20 minutes at a time. I signed up for a 30-minute lunchtime spin class and crossed my fingers, toes, and all adjoining limbs for the best. I went to something called a "Rhythm Ride" where you ride to the beat of the music -and more importantly- you stand 90% of class, causing little to no soreness the day after.

Slowly but surely, I've started developing an affinity for spin and it helps that my husband loves to go with me. I try to go at least once or twice a week, and it has become a staple in the cardio portion of my workout regimen. I've tried many studios in Atlanta, and these are my favorite spin studios in the city.


The bar is set here for a reason. Flywheel makes you feel like you have walked into an oasis of energy in a high-quality facility. Between their Fly45, Fly60, and FlyBeats you'll be able to find exactly what you are looking for in a great workout. I like to compete against myself and keep track of my points per song (my goal is 20!) to continue to push myself each minute of class vs just at the end. If it's your first time, I recommend starting with the FlyBeats class – if you can get in!

Define Revolution

This is one of my favorite rides in Atlanta and a great intro to the rrhythm ride. Class always flies by and the arm section is unlike any other. You'll need to push yourself as the bikes don't keep score for you and shoe rental has a ($) fee.

Vibe Ride

No where else in Atlanta will you find a spin class with a Live DJ. Vibe Ride is in the heart of Midtown and has distinguished themselves with the emphasis on great workout music. Aside from the DJ class, their traditional classes have music video rides like their Beyonce v. Rihanna ride or Battle of the Exs, think Brittney then Justin, Ciara then Future.


Torq is a tough studio with instructors that will work you! The team cares and will learn your name in order to he;p motivate you throughout your ride. The studio has great products to help freshen-up including hair dryers, hair ties, dry shampoo, etc. Music is pretty loud though, be warned!


Burn was the first studio in Atlanta that I overcame my fear of spin at. Their facility is beautiful and centrally located in Brookhaven. This studio hosts more of a traditional ride with hills, flats, and sprints.

Forum Athletic Club

This was the former location of CYC Atlanta that closed earlier this year (much to my dismay). The trainers have stuck around though and that makes this local gym spin class unlike any other. They maintain the rhythmic ride style of CYC but have lost the weighted arm section and added a leaderboard.


Rumor has it that a Soulcycle will open in Atlanta in 2018, I'll keep you posted if/when it does!

If you haven't tried spin yet – don't be scared! Start with a rhthym ride and ease your way into it. I convinced Sahir (my husband) to do that and he will never know the pain of your first spin class – y'all know what I'm talking about. You can try all of these studios by signing up for Classpass in your city. If you use this link you will get $40 off your first month (and I'll get a referral credit too!) Do you spin? What are your favorite studios/chains?

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