The sun’s out which hopefully means that you are headed somewhere warm! I love pulling out all of the bright accessories when I am headed on vacation. My ordinary closet is full of white, black, beige, and gray so it’s always fun to choose vibrant options for vacation wear…… View Post

It’s officially the week after Atlanta’s spring break, which means after the massive bridge collapse (yes, it’s real and yes it happened – and yes, you guessed it – it directly affects my commute) I am heading back to work this week with normal working hours after the craziness of March Madness over the past few months. Good news…… View Post

For the past two years or so, I have only chosen jewelry that I could wear on a regular basis. The monogram pendant, gold rope chain, studded earrings, and essentially the black/white/gray equivalent for jewelry. Neutrals, while ol’ reliable – are also just kinda boring! Considering…… View Post