One of the things that every 20/30-something hears is how important preventative skincare us. This is something i’ve known all of my life… but what exactly does that mean? I’m happy to have spent the last 6 months developing a custom skincare regime that works for me. I use readily available products…… View Post

Recently, I’ve gotten so many questions about beauty and I’m really trying to dedicate more time to sharing about it here on the blog. So in the next few weeks, you can look forward to posts about skincare, age-prevention, makeup, and of course, beauty tips. Today I wanted to share my super secret formula for cleaning your makeup brushes…… View Post

Last week I headed to the famous WIFH in Atlanta to meet the team behind CosMedix and some serious skincare tips. Being a young woman in my 20s, I have known that this is the most important time to start establishing a skincare regime but I didn’t know where to start. Luckily, I met some pretty smart people who were willing to share their expertise and knowledge with me. I chatted with Ryan from CosMedix and asked him some of my burning questions on skincare. This is it ladies, everything you need to know…… View Post