About 4 weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger and got my hair done in a “balayage” color style. I had heard about this trend for months but never truly understood it until I went through the process myself. Here is the rundown of everything I learned…… View Post

A few weeks ago, NARS opened a standalone boutique in Atlanta and I was SO excited to visit. The most difficult part of being in a makeup haven is choosing where to start. I rounded up my five favorite NARS products…… View Post

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of requests about my daily makeup routine. I know choosing a concealer can be tough, especially since some of the most well-known names come with a hefty price tag. Whenever possible, I always shop from…… View Post

As someone who is so not a makeup artist, I wanted to share my method of “baking”. Nope, put the cookies away ladies, this is about makeup. Baking is a method of setting your concealer to feature areas of your face that you want to appear brighter. Think of it as highlighting without the shimmer. When baking…… View Post