Is it just me, or does this time of the year seem to be where all of your travel plans come to light? Summer travel schedules, work conferences, weddings, and of course our annual anniversary trip are all on the books. I love to travel, but I find that excessive travel stresses me out and I feel behind when I don’t get my standard workout and household schedule. Almost like I need a vacation from my vacation…

My birthday is in two weeks and for someone who blogs about a constant influx of new things, I’m actually struggling for what I want. This always seems to happen around my birthday and Christmas, but somehow in the middle of July, I will have a list of things I need and refuse to buy myself, duh. It seems wasteful to just get things that I don’t need just to get them – but when your family insists on picking something out for you, it’s better to get something you actually want.

If you have any suggestions for my birthday list, please feel free to share them. Clearly, you guys know me better than I know myself.


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