I’m a feminist. Yup, I said it and I strongly believe you should be one too. The definition of feminism is far from the stigma of being an angry “man-hater” who wants special privilege. Actually, it’s the exact opposite. At its core, feminism is a movement based on the belief that…… View Post

One of the best parts of working in sports is the fact that my wardrobe is wildly inconsistent. I love putting on a fun dress and heels, but that is usually followed by a day of something like this. Athleisure is part of my lifestyle and my full-time weekend wardrobe. It just makes sense to add Athleisure to my casual work environment…… View Post

You know when you see the perfect piece and you just have to have it? That’s how I felt when I saw this off shoulder top for the first time at Nordstrom and how a few of you told you felt seeing it on me…… View Post

Oh hey, oh hey. This gorgeous dress is back in rotation! I first wore this at my bridal shower, and then recently on a trip to San Diego (you remember seeing it here), and now it’s back. I love that when the weather cools down it still perfectly acceptable to wear your favorite summer dresses…… View Post

When I picked up this gorgeous lace dress from Francesca’s a few weeks ago, I knew there was a reason why I liked it. Low and behold, I had pinned this dress months ago as an inspirational picture …… View Post