I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… my hat game needs work. I’m such a fan of hats, but always seem to struggle to make them work. My head is pretty tiny, but that’s why I loved that this hat came in an XS size! I am definitely on the prowl and I always tell Mae that she needs to buy two whenever she gets buys a new one! #HatGameStrong

I have a pretty big presentation this week. If you didn’t already know, I work at Turner Broadcasting here in Atlanta (full-time) and annually they host a pretty cool week long “conference” onsite that has workshops and seminars on how to learn and polish skills that you are interested in. You can go to other campuses, take seminars virtually, or participate in person. There are workshops on things like branding yourself, new tv pilot screenings, and even a class in self-defense! (That’s on Friday and I’m so excited!) Amongst the amazing presenters, I somehow got asked to present a workshop on blogging. It’s definitely something that I am excited to do… but just found out that the seminar is filled up and there is even a waiting list! Yikes! I better go prepare.. wish me luck!