Well friends, we made it. This crazy, unpredictable 2016 has finally come to an end and we can look forward what 2017 brings. If you read my last #RealationshipGoals post with the girls you know that I’m all about New Year’s resolutions (and bring super public about them so that I can be held accountable.) So here are some of the highlights:

-Run a 5k

-Learn to make at least 2 new dishes a month

-Read one new book a month

-Launch (& maintain) videos for Simply Sabrina

-Write 1 essay a month

-Spend more time with my grandfather

-Learn Sign Language

-Be the strongest I’ve ever been

-Hit my goal weight & maintain it

-Get through a Code Academy Course

-Pray everyday

We can also take this time to reflect on my post from this day last year and see how I did. Well, here goes:

10. Nah, no way

9. I can make a good guess about that one. 4 for soft boiled, 7 for hard.

8. Yes done! You can see it here.

7. I brought a crowd pleaser to Friendsgiving, so i’m gonna call this one a success

6. This will never happen.

5. I haven’t done this yet, but took steps towards making it happen. I award half a point.

4. Ugh, I can’t even pretend with this one.

3. I am inspired to do my own taxes this year, so I’m gonna say yes.

2. Yes! Used it all year!

1. No one is doing this anymore right? I’m safe.

So… I faired at about 70%, not great. I will have to do better this year. Eventually, I should probably learn how to fold a fitted sheet but let’s just table that for now and agree not to tell. K?