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A few days ago a couple of my girlfriends and I were discussing the apps on our phones. Since my time in the app store is rather limited, I was surprised to learn about so many cool new apps. Having these discussions gave me a great idea. Because Girltalk is the best way to find out about the best restaurants, apps, date night ideas, and online shops – I’ve decided to introduce a new topic on the blog simply entitled Girltalk. This week, let’s talk about my favorite gadgets for your phone:


Every morning I get a text around 8:30 AM that reminds me that I am a badass and that I’m ready to take on the world. This is because I’ve signed up for Shine. CNN & Mashable are only a few publications that rave about this new daily affirmation service. I can honestly say that I love seeing these messages just as I’m about to get into work. Try Shine, you’ll love it.

Genius Scan

Aside from my mom, I don’t know anyone else that owns a scanner. Since many businesses and companies still don’t accept electronic documents it’s important to be able to scan and send items. I use Genius Scan more than I ever thought I would need to. A must have for every phone.


Sometime over the last 10 years, I became an adult and it became time to start ‘adulting’. One of the things that encompasses is knowing what is going on in the world. Enter Skimm. Skimm is a daily email that I receive Monday – Friday in the morning that “skims” the news for me. I get all of the highlights in a concise single message that is easy to digest. The millennial guide to news.


Once you make your to-do list, the hardest thing for me to do is to move quickly through it. I usually start a task and end up 15 minutes later on Matthew Broderick’s IMDB page just to see if he really was in the Lion King 1 1/2. 30/30 allows you to set time limits on projects that you are working on in order to complete them and move onto the next.


Collaboration and organization are two keys to that every HBIC needs. Whether it’s a shared grocery list between me and my husband or my editorial calendar, Anylist a quick and easy to use list service. I love being able to jot down my to-do list in the mornings and crossing them off just as quickly.


Am I missing any of your favorite apps? Let me know in the comments below!

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