Happy Friday! Welcome to another week of #REALationshipGoals and this week it’s my turn to pick the topic & the format so we will be mixing it up. I can’t believe that this is the 18th volume of our little series. This column has brought so much joy into my life and I love being able to share tidbits of my girl talk and live with Sahir with you guys. For this week we will be doing a rapid fire segment where we get short & sweet answers about burning questions about “the little things” in your relationship. Ready? Go!

Best way to end a fight?

S: For me: Bubble Tea & The Mindy Project. For him: A sincere apology & a chocolate chip cookie. Easy, next.

M: For me, a true “I’m sorry” and the promise of a diet coke or green tea latte. But, for both of us, an argument can be resolved pretty easily by just saying “we need to talk about this, but let’s not fight.”

L: Ha. Loaded question if you know how emotional I am. But for both us, a genuine apology will end a fight in it’s tracks…even if we have wayyyy more to discuss.

Any favorite traditions?

S: I usually get home before Sahir so everyday when he comes home he sweetly calls for me (his favorite phrase is “Wiiiiiifeeeeee”) and I usually stop what I’m doing and go greet him at the door. It’s a small gesture, but I love getting that sweet hug and kiss when he comes through the door and he loves seeing me as first thing when he comes home.

M: Dance parties with the pups in the kitchen every time we cook or clean. Also, I love that we always go to bed at the same time together.

L: This is going to sounds SO cheesy so apologies in advance…but every time we kiss goodbye, it has to be 3 little pecks. Ugh, just typing that annoys me but it’s so cute in the moment ha!

Biggest thing you disagree on?

S: We have fundamentally different views on music. Sahir loves rap music and gets hooked on singular artists. I have a general appreciation for the arts and like the more “mixtape” route. I like Top 40s everything, he picks one person and will obsess about everything they have ever released. We generally compromise on 2000s R&B Hits (cue Usher!)

M: Usually something productivity-related. When it comes to housework, I’ll be like “let’s fold the laundry” and Nick will be like “I’m gonna go mow the lawn.” We obviously can and do split up to tackle tasks but we sometimes disagree about what task is the most important.

L: Hands down the idea of alone time/space. I need none. He needs some. Yeah, it causes a little friction every now and then.

What are you most proud of in your relationship?

S: Seems silly, but sheer amount of time. Sahir and I are in our 12th year together and the fact that we still love each other as much as we do, get giddy when we see each other, and can spend hours talking without getting bored is an achievement in itself.

M: Just how much love we share. We’re working on 12 years together and will celebrate 6 years of marriage in a couple weeks and our love has grown so much in that time. I love that the longer we’re together, the more we fall in love.

L: The level of comfort we both have. Sometimes I complain that we’re a little too comfy but in all actuality, I truly love and appreciate how easy it is to be around each other in our ugliest state. That’s true love and something to be proud of (sometimes ha!)

Favorite way to spend time together?

S: Ordering takeout and watching Suits together on the couch. Our home has become quite the sanctuary and I love spending time there together.

M: Long walks, long talks, long car rides…or just relaxing at home watching Death in Paradise.

L: I love when we go out for drinks or dancing. We can groove out like an old couple to 70s jams or get down and dirty to Beyonce at Graveyard. By far my favorite way to hang with #FashionablyBae.

Catch up on all of our #REALationshipGoals posts and stayed tuned for an all new post every Friday! As always, if you have any suggestions for topics we would love to hear them!

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