THE GRAND FINALE – 30 x 30 Remix Challenge

This challenge was on my New Year’s Resolution list, and completing it makes me feel pretty accomplished early on in the year. This challenge was just that, a challenge. It was tough, and I sincerely missed my other clothes. However, the restraint from shopping and forcing creativity in my wardrobe was good for me. I found myself falling into a pattern of wanting to shop and just end up collecting more stuff. Turns out, I like dressing up, (who knew?) but remixing my wardrobe made me see my closet in a different light and now that it’s over – i’m happy that I did it. 

What are my favorite looks? Hm, that’s a toughie – I’d have to say 1, 8, 16, 19, 25.
Would I do it again? Maybe, maybe not. Getting dressed in the morning was much simpler, but I found myself craving diversity. I might attempted a 15×15 in the future. Stay tuned and find out. 

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