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I’m finally doing it! I’ve been wanting to share this on my blog for so long. I’ve shown you tidbits of my wedding including our wedding video, first look at our wedding photos, and of course our proposal story. Today I wanted to share how I created our wedding invitations myself. Traditionally, South Asian weddings have very ornate paper invitations. You traditionally create a card per wedding event and therefore the invitations can get heavy and therefore expensive when shipping them out to your guests. I love graphic design and I wanted to take on the task of doing these myself. I chose a simple color palette of white, black, two shades of pink. Here is how I created the invitations:



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1. Choose a theme

Once the colors were selected I had to decide how I wanted the cards to work with each other. The hardest part was trying to create a color scheme that complimented each of the cards rather than matching. I chose to do varying colors of cards & patterns.

2. Buy your graphics

I am a strong proponent of paying for services that I like. I purchased both my fonts & graphics from The Creative Market. For these cards I used a floral background and a gold polka dotted one. I manipulated the images by taking pieces out, cropping, and rotating them.

3. Pick your poison

I have recently begun to use the Photoshop suite, but when I was creating these invitations Photoshop was still new and frankly intimidating to use. Enter Keynote. I’ve been using Keynote for all graphics that I create professionally, personally, and for my blog so it was a natural fit. Pro-tip! You can alter file sizes by going to Document: Slide Size

4. Plan for printing

I knew that I would be using Vistaprint to print my invitations so I used their templates to know exactly what size cards to create. I opted for multiple sizes: Friday (Mehndi / Peethi) was a flat note card, Saturday (Sangeet) was a “small” size, Sunday (Nikkah) was a “medium” size, Sunday (Reception) was a “oversized” card, and the RSVP card was a “standard” business card size.

5. Go for it!

Once I had finalized my designs I printed out a sample and put them next to each other. I made minor tweaks and spellchecked like crazy. I had both my family & my fiance’s family look at it and give the all clear. Once I knew what I wanted, I worked with Vistaprint to make sure that the image resolution was perfect. (Do not skimp here! If it’s not perfect, keep trying) Pro-tip! I upload my images as a .PNG file.


GOOD LUCK! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.