Save $180 a Year and Get Audiobooks For Free

What would you do if you had all the time in the world? Read more? The harsh reality of adulthood is that we rarely get time to read leisurely and as much as we want to – it usually doesn’t happen. Audible knows this and hence the billion dollar podcast/audiobook industry was born.

I was also the victim of $14.95 monthly fee in order to check off my “read 12 books this year” resolution until I figured out how to get those books (legally) for free.

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When was the last time you visited your local library? I know, you just giggled. It’s okay, it had been a minute for me too. The magic is actually right in front of your eyes. I know what you are thinking, who has time to go to the library? Wasn’t the lack of time how we got here, to begin with. What if I told you that you never have to set foot in the library? —Well, then I’d be lying, you have to go – but just once!

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Your local library can give you access to “rent” or “borrow” audiobooks for a set amount of time, directly from your phone – all you need is a library card and either the “Libby” or “Overdrive” app.

Even though eBooks and audiobooks are digital, libraries treat them like any other book and stock only a limited amount of “copies”. They also only allow only one person to check out each copy at any given time. So, depending on the size of your library, how popular a title is, and how many audiobooks are stocked, you may see really long wait times. You usually have 14 days to read the book before you have to “return” it to the library.

If you love to read but want to save some money, check out your local library. It will help boost activity to keep those locations funded for the community AND you will save some money!

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