Best Things I Bought On Amazon This Month

I’m a chronic primer. Raise your hand if you are too. But really, at what point is it considered an addiction? I’ll admit to late night binging and opening my door to packages two days later with no idea what’s in them. Whoops. It’s been about a week since we started moving into our home and about three weeks since I started ordering things off on Amazon Prime. It’s just so easy. Since I had my house on my mind- this roundup are some of my favorite things from around my home.

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This plant is faux but has almost everyone who comes into my living room fooled. Let’s be real, I’m keeping a puppy and a husband alive I can’t manage a plant too. I did an excessive amount of research and read close to 100 reviews when I finally chose this plant from Amazon and I have zero regrets. I chose to pair it with an elevated plant stand to make sure that Theo doesn’t have access to it, in case he’s craving a snack. Plant stand is from World Market btw!

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Nothing is more annoying than a drawer full of wobbly pot lids. Okay there are a lot of things worse, but hang with me on this one for a sec. Enter: Pot Lit Holders! These ingenious inventions are worth their weight in gold (or at least wood). It’s easy to find which size I need and no more messy drawers.


One of the things that I really wanted in our new kitchen was a ton of drawers, but you know what they say: mo’ drawers, mo’ problems. I am obsessed with keeping things organized (more on my obsession with The Container Store later) so finding these expandable drawer organizers was everything. I even bought some for my closet to Marie Kondo my clothes. Best Decision Ever.


I’m finding that expandable is always best. Custom kitchens are full of custom sizes so this expandable drawer organizer lets me get as much space as possible to keep all of my extras organized. Sure we have a table set for 8, but I have soup spoons, chopsticks from China, and of course my metal straws #captainplanet


Ever since I posted that I was obsessed with my label maker on my Instagram stories, you guys have been demanding the deets and I am here for it. This embossing label maker is awesome and I love everything about it. Not gonna lie, I want to label everything. The white on black is so elegant and actually elevates your organizational game. At one point Sahir put it on a high shelf so I couldn’t reach it for a label-hiatus. (Don’t worry, I got it down.)

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In my old closet, we had a full wall of bookshelves for shoes and bags and while I loved the display, it was taking up too much space in my closet room. This time around we replaced the wall with a garment rack for more space and in hopes that I will stay on my decluttering spree. This rack allows me to pull out what I need for the week without messing up my entire closet. It was extremely easy to assemble – I actually did it myself! – and well worth the money.

This edition was mostly home things, but more roundups of things that I have bought & loved are coming your way. Let’s call these #SimplyApproved at least until we think of something more clever.


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