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On Me: Jolene Top & Bottom   |   On Mae: Bella Longsleeve Set   |   On LaurenBella Boxer Set

Oh my! I’ve been wanting to share these photos for a while now. I had so much fun with my blogger squad Mae & Lauren in Charleston at TBSCON this year (recap post here). We had scheduled a fun photoshoot after a day of the conference to just hang out and chill in our Cosabella pajamas and have a slumber party. Fair warning… pizza was involved, but it was gone before Kim arrived. Whoops!! Spending time with Mae & Lauren reminded me of slumber parties that I had when I was younger. We stayed up all night and had all sorts of girl talk. From which bronzer is the best to relationship advice – we covered it all. 


Having friends who are bloggers is pretty much the most important thing in the industry. Sometimes we are tempted to be competitive and compare ourselves to each other when in reality we should be working with each other. My friend’s successes are my own, not my failures. I am a strong believer that women should lift each other up instead of tear each other down. I’m so happy that Lauren & Mae feel the same way. We even instituted a rule over the weekend that none of us could say anything bad about ourselves. (Read: no “I look fat in this!” or “My skin looks awful!”) Positive things only and boy did we call each other out. The funniest thing was that the “imperfections” that we would call out about ourselves weren’t even real! I joked that when Mae or Lauren said something about themselves it was like that scene in Mean Girls where the girls are standing in front of the mirror and are like “my nail beds suck!” – these are not real imperfections! 

The lessons from the weekend about blogging were amazing, but the true lessons were in friendship and how we need to consistently lift each other up. Find a group of supportive friends to be a part of your #squad and kill it with them. Ladies, we are all in this together!


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