8 Easy Habits To Get You Started With Self Love

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One of my  favorite sayings is “if the person in the mirror was your best friend, would you be as mean to her as you are to yourself?” It’s so true! When our girlfriends complain about an oily T-zone or a few pounds they gained, we brush it off and tell them that it’s nothing! They are beautiful, smart, and strong! Why is it that we are the most critical when it comes to ourselves? It’s high time that we jump on board the self-love train and start treating ourselves like we do our best friends. Here are 10 easy ways to get started with self-love:


We always give so much of ourselves, our time and our love to others – when we should put ourselves first. Skin care is so important, and my top skin care recommendation is  Cetaphil® Daily Advance Lotion – it’s non-greasy but keeps your skin hydrated all day. I apply after the shower to lock in moisture and my skin stays soft and smooth for 24 hours. I’ve been using Cetaphil since I was in elementary school and it’s the only thing my mom would swear by. Between her expertise and the fact that it’s the #1 Dermatologist recommended skincare brand (that I can easily find at Target!) – it’s pretty much a done deal. Dry skin can cause inflammation and irritation and is not what you want to be feeling when you are at your best.

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Too often we rely on our support systems (best friends, boyfriends, or parents) to tell us how great we are and what we are capable of doing. That’s not going to work anymore. Self-love is a solo act which means you have to be your own biggest cheerleader. Investing in self-love means that it has to come from you. Some people base their esteem and how they feel about themselves on other people’s interest in them. They fail to realize that they are capable of giving this love and acceptance to themselves, and if they depend on someone to give this feeling to them, then they are also giving them the power to take it away.


Whether you run a full on blog or do the one line a day, it’s crucial for you to document your life and your progress. Consider how you are feeling, what you are confident about, insecure about, and how you rise from challenges. Establishing your progress as a person will help you realize your potential and what an amazing person you really are.


Ever wanted to try something out of your comfort zone? Maybe a calligraphy studio, baking class, or even adult gymnastics? If not now, then when? Give yourself the ability to build confidence in something that you may not be inherently good at. It’s okay if you aren’t amazing! You tried something that interests you and that’s really cool. Now you have a new “fun-fact” for those dreaded get to know you games. Fun fact: I went to adult gymnastics when I was 21 to try to live my dream of being an Olympic gymnast. After 8 classes I couldn’t even tumble with a trampoline and 16 stacked mats.


There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a glass of wine or a decadent doughnut, but establish a habit of caring for your body. Find a fitness regimen that fits your life and your interests. If you love to dance, find a dance class – love to place a sport, find a place to play recreationally. There is literally something for everyone as long as you prioritize fitness just like you do other things.


Being well-rested is essential for feeling empowered and ready to go. It’d be unrealistic to recommend 8 hours to everyone, especially in a time when we are trying to build our families, careers, and frankly – our empire. I’d be lucky if I got 6 hours in a night, but the good news is that there’s a product for that! Cetaphil’s Hydrating Gel Eye Cream is specifically designed to give you that well-rested under-eye look and can hydrate all day. It’s even great for those who wear contacts or glasses or if you are #Team2020 like me! You can pick up Cetaphil products at your local Target on your next Target run  – you know, when you go in to “just get one thing” – Rookie mistake.


It wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t talk about detoxifying your life. Be comfortable enough to walk away from unhealthy relationships with boyfriends or even best friends. Surround yourself with positive influences that challenge you, support you and care for you. Self love is cultivated when you feel empowered enough to pull the plug on a bad relationship.

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8. SAY “NO”

Don’t get me wrong, FOMO is real – but a sign of lower self-acceptance is the undeniable need to say to everything and everyone. Being super agreeable allows you to be win positive points with friends, coworkers, and even your boss – but at what cost? Being over-extended and exhausted will allow less time for you to truly care for yourself. Learn to be okay with saying “no” and comfortable in your ability to prioritize yourself.

Self-love is so important and it’s time to prioritize you for a change. Test out these tips for a more self-empowered life. Remember, you are your own best friend!

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