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A couple years ago, my life changed for the better. Well, that’s a little dramatic – my commute changed. Not only did I move 45 minutes closer to work #thankgoodness, I also started using my commutes productively. After Serial, a world of audio storytelling was opened to me and I was hooked. As an auditory consumer of information, I love a great story and one that I can learn a thing or two from? Even better.

I started listening to audiobooks about a year ago and I eased into it with the fun ones. Mindy Kaling’s books, Tiny Fey, Gone Girl (yes it’s just as trippy when you listen to it). Having an author read their own work to you is incredible and I highly recommend it. But recently I wanted to branch out and try something a little different. I had heard about so many great books for working professionals, but between my audiobooks in the morning, my full-time job, evening workouts, and then blogging and book club there just wasn’t time. So I traded my Tiny Fey for Ed Catmull and I haven’t looked back. I love learning and audiobooks have changed the way that I consume information. 15 minutes to work, 15 minutes to a studio after work, 15 minutes home, 15 minutes to run errands. I can usually get through an hour a day! 

Click the photo above to open a slideshow of my favorite audiobooks right now. They will make you smarter, have better dinner table conversations, and be able to say you “read” for fun. #girlbossapproved

Do you read audiobooks? Have you tried any of these?