If You Have These in Your Closet, You Should Just Toss Them Right Now

You’ve heard of the rule where at the beginning of the year where you turn all of your hangers one way, and once you’ve worn the item you place the hanger back the other way? No? Well, now you have. It sounds great in theory, but if you are even the slightest bit OCD, hangers in varying directions throughout the year may drive you insane. Truth is that you don’t need a system to know what you haven’t worn. Anyone else guilty of having a closet full of clothes and also choosing the same things? (read: the comfiest option) Now is the time to do an epic closet clean out and here are some basic rules you should follow:


If you haven’t worn it in the last year and it wasn’t over $100 – time to move on. Jean styles are forever changing and your favorite pair could be re-purposed as cute shorts if you don’t want to part ways. There’s likely no way I’m going back to boot cut jeans so they are just taking up space at this point. 


Remember that time you saw something fancy and rushed to buy it? Immediate regret was imminent, but the damage was done and now you’re stuck with something you won’t use nearly enough to justify the price tag. Bite your losses and sell it while it’s still a new-ish style, like-new, and has tagged attached. I list some of my items on my Poshmark closet and it’s a great way to sell things that would be happy in a new home like branded clothing, gently used shoes, and handbags. 


I can’t believe that it took me over two decades to realize that shoes don’t need to be painful. I naturally have a wider toe area and I got so accustomed to feeling my pinky toe being squished that it became normal for me. The good news is that most of my shoes were a combination of Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and outlet shops- and those shoes have lived a long and healthy life and deserve retirement. I’m making it a point to find shoes that find shoes that are made for my feet, even if they are a bit more expensive. You can find such good deals at places like DSW and Zappos if you keep an eye out. Get rid of the ones that hurt, don’t fit, or don’t fit your style anymore.

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Bras and undergarments are things we end up hoarding and don’t discard nearly enough. It’s time to clear out space and get rid of anything that has a hole in it or underwire sticking out of it. If the bra has lost its smile (i.e, the underwire  “U” is not making a curved shape) or it doesn’t fit your body anymore it’s time for it to go. 


I went out of my way to purchase a ton of things for my beach-themed honeymoon three years ago and honestly, I will likely never wear those pieces again. After 3 years they are sitting in my drawer and taking up space they deserve a better home at a local charity.

There are so many things that end up taking up space in our wardrobes and whether you are living in a big city with a small closet or living your closet dreams with a huge room – we call all agree that there is never enough space. Take this time of year as an excuse to clean out your area and say hello to new beginnings. 


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