What To Know Before Traveling With Your Beau

Traveling with your partner can be so fun, but also challenging! Sahir and I have been traveling together for nearly 10 years and we’ve had some great trips and some not so great – but today’s I’m sharing my favorite #Baecation story

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Man, I wish I could tell you some wild story… but our favorite trip was our honeymoon! There was something magical about immediately getting away from all of the madness of the wedding week and just being together. Sahir and I went to a few cities in Europe on our honeymoon. We started in Barcelona, flew to Granada, back to Barcelona and got on a 7-day cruise to France, Italy, Montenegro, and Athens. We ended our trip with 3 days in Santorini and it was the perfect finale.

what to know before travelling with your man

Our trip was so magical, from waking up every morning to the most extravagant breakfast on our patio in Santorini to hiking the fortress of Montenegro, and even making our own wish in the Trevi fountain in Rome – It was the best 14 days of my life. Vacations are tough now because the bar is set so high!


I studied abroad in Spain in college and I always wanted Sahir to come back with me to see my favorite city, Granada. We went to Alhambra and climbed the fortress and even scoured the city to find this small hole in the wall restaurant that I went to 5 years ago and after hours we actually found it! I walked through a corridor and I just knew that this street (although it was identical to the other 10 streets we were just on) was the one. Sahir was so patient with me about being adamant about finding this restaurant. His patience is definitely one of the best things about him.

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Make sure that you are both involved in the planning process. It can get tedious to be the only one who is picking restaurants, planning excursions, booking flights, and finding hotels. Split the chores and make sure that you don’t criticize the other for their part. Hotels can look wildly different in photos and reviews can be misleading, just enjoy your time together and don’t be too picky!