The Makeup Products I Completely Emptied

Makeup can get expensive. I learned that lesson after being stranded in Paris over Christmas vacation with no bags and my entire makeup arsenal tucked away safely in my checked luggage that conveniently never made it on the plane – for eight days. I digress, another story for another day.

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I often talk about new products and things that I’ve tried, but what I don’t get around to talking about enough are the products that I completely emptied. It seems like we’re always chasing what’s new, but for regular girls like me who aren’t makeup artists or doing tons of looks on different people every week – it seems like what’s more important to share are the tried and true products that I keep coming back to. So here it goes:


Years Used: 3

I first used the Becca Backlight Primer after watching a video swearing that this product was the key to radiant summer skin. While I’m not entirely convinced that the Becca Primer will give me glass skin – I do love the consistency, I love that it makes my makeup stay, and I love the way it blends. If you’re in the market for a new primer, I highly recommend this one.


Years Used: 2

This one floated to me at the top of a PR box and while I once failed miserably at filling in my brows Anastasia style with an angle brush and pomade, this one I could handle. The mini spool helped me keep my brows tamed, while the small pencil allowed me to make micro motions and get full brows that weren’t over the top but in fact, perfect for everyday.

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Years Used: 2

I used to use the L’Oreal White Lash Primer for years before this one, so I knew the value of a white primer before Lash Paradise came out with one. I first tried the mascara after an influencer event with L’Oreal in Charleston and have been hooked ever since. The Lash Paradise combo is highly addictive and since it’s readily available at every drugstore – don’t stop yourself from getting sucked in.



Years Used: 5

This $6 lip stain is the perfect everyday shade for my skin tone. It’s a little mauve, a little nude, and a little perfection. At least for olive skin that is. Don’t trust the color on the model, f you have olive skin with neutral undertones, try it out. I tell everyone I meet – it’s a $6 investment that’s worth trying to see if you can find your perfect shade.

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Years Used: 1

Since I travel so often, I rarely want to bring a massive palette with me – although Naked will always have a soft spot in my heart. The Urban Decay Petite Naked Heat is the perfect size to throw in your carry on tote and has all of the shades you need for travel makeup. It’s the only one that I keep with me!

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I really didn’t think I would ever finish this Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. It’s a medium-full coverage formula which means it’s “special occasion” makeup for me – but boy does it work. I actually turned it upside down trying to get the last few stops on my beauty blender because it’s just that good. The color options make for easy matching – I’m the shade “warm beige”.


Years Used: 4

Years ago, one lonely mall trip landed me in the vulnerable arms of a Sephora rep who swore about an up & coming brand called Cover FX that was doing forty+ shades. Oh sorry, let’s rewind that – four years ago, Cover FX was doing 40+ shades. Yes, the true frontrunners to the Fenty affect, Cover FX knew that makeup wasn’t 12 shades fits all and I’ve been been a fan ever since. I keep purchasing the mineral foundation ever since and since it’s what I wear everyday and have zero regrets.


This post obviously wouldn’t be complete without Tarte Shape Tape. Considering I’m on my third tube in a year, this is pretty much a staple in my makeup drawer. The product is legendary and I am a witness to the greatness. Yes, it is a little drying so do make sure to moisturize + primer before you apply the product. Thanks for always making me look like I got more sleep than I really did Shape Tape, you the real MVP.

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