The Perfect Petite OTK Boots

The Perfect Petite OTK Boots

For years, yes years, I’ve bought and returned at least 6 different pairs of OTK boots. And trust, boots are notfun to pack back up and return. I love the look of them, but my petite frame has made it near impossible to find a pair that work for me. When the boots are supposed to be over the knee, but are thigh-high because of your height – it’s pretty discouraging.

The key is to look into shaft height. The average pair of OTK boots are about 23/24 inches tall. Some are even 25! The Then I found these. These beauties by Marc Fisher are the first pair that actually flatter my height and come in right at 19.5 inches. Quite literally, right above the knee on my 5’1 frame. Okayyyy fine. 5’0 (+.75)

Pretty in Petite

There are so many different ways to wear OTK boots. Some of my favorites are of course with shorter seam dresses & skirts (look for something around 14/15 inches long), distressed denim, and my personal favorite, leggings. I’ve been wearing these on repeat since I got them, meaning you will be seeing a lot more of them too. Not to mention, I just bought them in black.. so there’s that. #sorryhusband