The Sleep-Ruining Mistakes That You Are Likely Making

At the end of a crazy day, all we want to do is climb into our beds and fall asleep while dreaming of Nutella waffles, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. We all know that herbal tea, avoiding your phone and tallying livestock are well known sleep-aids, but you can do more. I’m personally exhausted after a long day of work, blogging, cooking, exercising, and in general, being a functioning adult – so I need all the help that I can get to fall asleep faster and better. I’ve tried the following things and trust me, they work. Here are some things that you can do immediately to ensure a more comfortable bedroom environment and a better sleeping situation.

tips to get better sleep


I’ve always been a fan of white bedding, but I could never shake the sound of my mom’s voice saying “Don’t get white! It’ll get dirty!” While my mom is literally right about everything, this time I decided to pave my own path. I love having white bedding, it makes me feel relaxed, calm, and ready to unwind after a long day. Unless you have a particular affinity for it, I’d say skip the bold patterns and bright prints and choose something mellow that you like to keep on your bed.


This is a tip that I snagged from our hotel in Paris. I loved the “night sleep spray” they kept on our bedside and I complimented the staff enough times on it that they actually gave me my own to take home. I like to spray it when we make our bed in the morning so it’s not overwhelming when we get back in at night. Any linen spray works well, but choose a scent that relaxes you like lavender or eucalyptus.

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Swap the harsh lights in the PM for a soft bedside lamp. I am guilty of working in bed (I’m actually writing this blog post in bed right now) but we always turn off the overhead lights and I use a soft yellow one to work. Studies say that you should avoid blue light for hours before you go to bed. While that’s likely unrealistic considering that we are all chronically attached to our phones, but turning on night mode and a lamp can be worth the hassle.


Nothing makes you sleepier then reading a semi-boring book. Just ask your high-school self when you were hunkered down at 2 AM before your AP World History test — no, just me? okay. Pick a book (or e-book) that you’ve heard good things about. Nothing that you’ve been dying to read – the goal is to make us sleepy- but something you may or may not enjoy. For example, I’m currently reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” I’m on the fence about recommending the book for reading, but then again I’m always asleep within 10 pages – so yeah, I guess I do recommend it. Go for it.


Don’t wait till you are ready to climb under the covers to splash water in your eyes and take your makeup off. Make a habit of brushing your teeth and washing your face before bedtime so that you can allow yourself time to unwind. I swear I am so guilty of this. I’m exhausted and then I force myself to take off my makeup, because well – you remember THIS post) and then I’m wide freaking awake and counting sheep while I read about why tidying everyday is a bad idea and you need to strive for cleaning perfection (seriously not sure about this book yet.)

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This one is circumstantial to my marriage, but my husband always likes it cold so that means that we have a fan running on low in the corner of our bedroom year round. This also means that I’ve gotten accustomed to the white noise and cuddling under the covers. Snuggling to stay warm has helped me fall asleep quicker and in a deeper resting state. The noise can help drown out sounds of your home, especially if you are a light sleeper like me. God forbid Theo hear a neighbor close a door or a sound on the street – the fan can be a lifesaver.

Let me know if you try any of these tips for better sleep or what you swear by to get your beauty rest. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas and would love to hear from you!

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