Stylish Backpack With Vera Bradley

I was never the girl who wore a backpack. Even in high school, I carried a stylish tote and somehow (much to my husband’s dismay) I decided to wear a backpack to work this month and you know what? I love it. I generally prefer to use a backpack when I travel since there are so many little things to carry in addition to my laptop (camera, lenses, chargers, etc), but when I started riding the commuter train last month because of the bridge collapse I knew I wanted a backpack. The excessive pressure on my right or left shoulder resulted in bruises forming on shoulder – something I hadn’t seen since high school! The campus tech option was an easy fit because it has the capability to charge my phone in the bag! Why don’t all of my purses do this?!


Sometimes you need a stylish shoulder bag and sometimes you need a cute practical backpack. Either way, do you girlfriend. Stay comfortable.


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