Alight, alright. Time for the big reveal! I’ve been working to create video content for a few months now. After a few practice videos, I finally felt comfortable sharing my attempt to convert the key points of my latest blog post, “6 MINUTE SKINCARE ROUTINE” in condensed video form. As a blogger, we work to keep content fresh and engaging and while beautiful photography and conversational text is always great, it’s fun to mix it up. This post was one of my highest performing and it’s no surprise. I have always known that I need to be taking steps to care for my skin, but I never knew where to start. I hoped that this would be a go-to-guide for those wanting to start or revamp their skincare routine. Be sure to read the entire post with details on how to use each product, how I take care of my skin and the key to age prevention here. You can see all of the products that I referenced in the video below. 

Please let me know how you liked this video and if you would like to see more!


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